After studying perception and writing thesis work on the subject, Osama Abbas 2012, started educating players, coaches and teams all over Sweden.

Today, Osama educate professional teams, district federations both nationally and internationally, but also youth and grass-roots soccer.
The purpose of perception training is to get players more aware of their surroundings and then make the best decisions for the moment.
What has the player actually seen and been able to register? As perception analysts, Osama has a close collaboration with the coaches for the teams he works with.

With a background as a football coach, Osama has experience of training both senior teams and youth teams and has also been coach for federation of Hallands FF team as well as coaching educator in Sweden for several years. Osama holds a UEFA A education.

Satisfied coach:
Christer Olsson - Eskilsminne IF

Osama is a good instructor with clear instructions in the exercises. Educational exercises where the players received a lot of "aha" experiences and became more aware of watching the game more than on the ball.”


Starting at the player's level. Players development at focus. Everyone has the chance to work with perception training regardless of background or team. All statistics are handled with confidentiality.


Educate players and leaders in perception where feedback takes place directly and development potential is great regardless of previous level.


Players and teams who work with perception training should have an advantage in decision making on the soccer field based on a better image of the surroundings and an increased game intelligence.